IMG_0241This year marks the final Rubber Duck Party, an annual Octopus Club tradition. Set in an amazing house decked out in ducks, the event has been held for ten years running! We talked to Chris Sims, one of the event organizers about the history of the event:

  1. How did the Rubber Duck party get started?

The Rubber Duck party began in 2005 with a group of friends who wanted to have a party to raise funds for the Octopus Club.  Many of us had attended an Octopus Club event before, so we thought we could do something to give back to the community as well. As the story goes, we were enjoying a nice evening and talking about party themes.  We had been to or heard of other themed parties and we wanted something simple to fill the Summer void. Rubber ducks seemed to fit the bill…. (See what I did there?)  We envisioned it to be a “house party” environment, and it is certainly that. Since the first event in 2005, we have raised over $96,500 for the Octopus Club, the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund, and AIDS Services of Austin.

  1. What’s a rubber duck party like?

It’s a house party … a very, very B-I-G house party with a lot of food, drinks and fun.  The party has grown over the years from about 150 guests to well over 300.

  1. IMG_0238What’s the goal for this year’s party?

Last year, we raised over $16,400.  We are on track to top that this year with the generous support of our friends and community.  Come join us!  Visit for details on the 10th (and final) Rubber Duck Party!  Purchase your advance tickets online.  Or, find us on Facebook .

  1. Why is this the last year for the party?

Did I mention that it is a very, very B-I-G house party?  The event has grown so large, we are outgrowing our available space.  Several of the hosts intend to continue The Rubber Duck Party theme, but in a smaller and perhaps a more frequent format.

  1. Do you have any fun duck-related anecdotes from past parties?

Only ducks are allowed in the pool!

If you are interested in learning more, contact Get your tickets today as we send off the Rubber Ducks in style!