Dee Dee, Julie, AdamIn May, the Helping Hands Food Bank was fortunate to be a part of an amazing fundraiser by the United Court of Austin: The Leather and Lace Ball held at Bout Time 2. Julie Falchuk, the Food and Nutrition Services Manager, and Adam Rodriguez, the Food Bank Coordinator, both got to witness this awesome event and were grateful to be included.

“The crowd was extremely supportive and energetic,” Julie explained. “The fundraiser was wonderful.”

Austin Gears and Weird City Sisters helped to sponsor the event, which was organized entirely by volunteers unaffiliated with ASA. Throughout the night, people from different organizations performed for the crowd. “The energy was really high!” Julie described. In addition to individual performs, the event included a drag show and a silent auction featuring artwork, a beautiful glass vase, a wine basket, and adult toys.

When the time came for donations, the stage was packed with people ready to give. And all the money donated to the performers came back to the Food Bank.

Dee DeeJulie estimates that a few hundred people attended the event, and that there was a true sense of community. Some of the performers and audience members were connected to ASA or had even been former clients.

 One of the driving forces behind the event was Heir Apparent to the Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Empress 6 & 18, Dee Dee Davis (pictured left). Dee Dee, who volunteers at the food bank, sat down with ASA last month to tell us what inspired this event

The goal of the fundraiser was to provide 2014 pounds of food (or 3,222 meals!), which translates to a little over $400. They ended up raising $1,067! That means they were able to provide more than 8,000 meals to people affected by HIV and AIDS!

“This was a really humbling experience for me to see,” Julie said. “The fact that we didn’t ask for anyone to do anything for us, and they just decided that this was a cause they wanted to support for their community.”