Amplify infographic chartThis Thursday, 600 non-profits across Austin are gearing up for 24 hours of fundraising madness! It’s the second year of Amplify Austin, the city-wide giving craze put on by I Live Here, I Give Here.

Starting at 6 PM March 20 until 6 PM March 21, Austinites will come together to support their favorite homegrown charities and organizations. Last year, ASA came in 2nd place, and this  year, we hope to raise even more! The top 30 non-profits receive amplifying gifts, and every hour, there’s a prize for the organization that raises the most.

ASA also has the amazing opportunity to increase our donations by 50%! St. David’s Foundation, a longtime supporter of AIDS Services of Austin, will match all donations 50 cents on the dollar.

So what does that mean?

The chart on the right shows how many people we help in a month in different programs. It also shows the impact of your support in a normal month. Add in Amplify and a 50% match, and you can see how big of an impact a small donation can have!

$10 means $15 $20 means $30 $50 means $75
It means that we can reach out clients, helping them arm themselves with preventative tools to stop the spread of HIV. It means we can get more people tested, helping them learn their status, protect themselves, and get into treatment. And we can help people who are fighting HIV focus on their health by connecting them to treatment and providing a boost up when they need it.
10_-_prevention   20_-_testing


Click on the graphic below to learn more about how many people your donations help!