Fundraising events are more than just opportunities to raise money for noble causes, they are opportunities to unite communities around vital issues. Dining Out For Life, a one day dining event in which restaurants join together in the fight against HIV/AIDS, is an event about raising awareness and coming together to uplift our friends and neighbors that are in need of support. With the assistance of event sponsors like Avita Pharmacy, ASA has been able to produce some amazing events that impact our clients and cater to the mission of our agency. Recently, we were able to pick the brain of our Dining Out For Life presenting sponsor and find out why the ASA mission and vision resonates with their company!

Avita-Pharmacy-LogoQuestion:  Why does Avita care about ASA’s mission?

Answer: Avita cares about ASA’s mission because of their unwavering support and service in the HIV/AIDS community and their commitment to fighting stigma. Our values are parallel, and we are working towards the same goals as ASA. We are proud to call them a partner.

Question: In what ways does Avita see HIV impacting its neighboring communities?

Answer: With 7 locations across the south, we have seen firsthand how HIV/AIDS has impacted our communities. Our region continues to be disproportionately affected by HIV; we must do better at providing access to education, testing, and treatment. We need to continue fighting stigma. Though we’ve come very far, there is still more work to do.

Question: From Avita’s point of view, how has HIV changed over the years and why must the fight continue?

Answer: HIV is a continuing fight, but is no longer a death sentence. A person with HIV can now live a normal life with proper medical care and medications. But while the progress is encouraging, HIV remains a very real problem within our communities. It is important to continue the fight against HIV to work towards further advancements in the treatment of HIV and to make positive strides in fighting stigma.

Question: If you could give someone one reason to dine out during Dining Out For Life, what would you say?

Answer: Dining Out For Life is as easy as eating at one of your favorite participating restaurants with friends and family. Celebrate a life, past or present, and support ASA in their mission to enhance the health and well-being of the community and people affected by HIV/AIDS. Dine Out, Save Lives!