Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 8.53.33 PMFor members of the Ismaili Community Engaged in Responsible Volunteering, or i-CERV, volunteering and giving back to their community is an integral part of their faith. This nationwide organization for Ismaili Muslims has a local youth group chapter that has been participating and volunteering at AIDS Walk Austin for years. Their motto is “from compassion to action” and they help the Austin community by promoting the values of compassion, giving, civic virtue, selflessness, leadership and citizenship.

“In our Muslim culture, service to your community is an essential part of the ethics of our faith,” Reema said. “We love coming out into the Austin community and teaching our members the importance of selflessness and community service.”

These members help AIDS Walk Austin educate the community about combating the virus and helps remove stigmas attached to HIV and AIDS.

“The AIDS Walk is a wonderful opportunity for us to volunteer and learn more about the cause,” said Austin iCERV leader Reema Dhuka of the group’s commitment to in volunteering. “We first discovered the AIDS Walk in 2008 and since then, we have enjoyed participating in the walk to raise awareness about AIDS.”

i-CERV continues to take pride in helping strengthen the Austin community in a multitude of ways—food drives, park restoration, participating in fairs and festivals, volunteering at marathons and many more. To learn more about this awesome group and what they’re up to next, visit their website or their Facebook!