bowl-1202x601Since its inception in 1993, ASA’s Red Ribbon Dinner series has raised more than $400,000 for Central Texans affected by HIV and AIDS. Our newest partner restaurant, Fork & Vine, recognizes the importance of ASA’s mission and proudly supports our work. Heather Powell, Fork and Vine’s Special Event and Social Media Manager, explains, “The topic needs to stay relevant. People don’t always see it as an issue, especially because we are one of the healthiest cities in the nation. We need to keep reminding people that the fight is far from over. More young people are being affected than ever before, so we must do our part in raising that new generation that will be vocal and fight for the cause.”

Fork & Vine specializes in exceptional food and wine pairings. The integrity of the wine is central, and the food is derived organically from its flavor. “The wine always comes first for us,” Heather says. “We have a world class sommelier and a fantastic kitchen crew. We work hard to find the right balance and harmony between the food and the wine.”

dining_room_patio-1202x601The restaurant is a perfect mix of contemporary and classic style, featuring a patio designed by Austin artisans as well as gorgeous wood and glass fixtures. “It’s a relaxed but refined space,” Heather describes. “We have a great space, very warm and inviting.”

Executive Chef & owner Camden Stuerzenberger’s eclectic American style finds inspiration in Austin’s melting pot cuisine and redefines it. “The [restaurant] industry today is about originality, and that’s what I strive for,” Camden explains. “Our food is not just about the union between great ingredients and wine, but also between people.”

set_table-1202x601For this month’s Red Ribbon Dinner theme, Camden has planned a smokehouse twist for the five course custom menu and pairings. Locally sourced bison ribeye and grilled Fredericksburg peaches are just two components of the delicious offerings. The wines have been exquisitely paired to complement the ingredients, as Fork & Vine holds a portfolio of over 250 labels.

“At Fork & Vine we love having people enjoy our creations, and experience our food and wine in an inviting atmosphere. That is really the focus of the restaurant,” Heather says. “Our staff is gracious, knowledgeable, and seeks to make everyone’s experience one to remember. Come by and join us for a glass of wine. You won’t regret it.”

Try something new. Try something different.

Join AIDS Services of Austin and Fork & Vine on Monday, July 13 for the 4th installment of ASA’s 2015 Red Ribbon Dinner Series at Fork & Vine, 3010 W Anderson Ln. Austin, TX, 78757.

Tickets now available.