Today we want to shine a spotlight on one of our Dining Out For Life (DOFL) volunteers, Amy Rudy.  In this first of two spotlights on Amy, she shares her personal story with you about why she chooses to participate as an Ambassador for DOFL

“When my close friend mentioned she was going to a meeting at ASA for DOFL Ambassador training, I decided to tag along to see what it was all about.  I ended up signing up to be an ambassador too and my friend and I partnered together at El Alma during the event. The night was fun and easy; we basically just hung out,” explained Amy. 

As ambassadors, Amy Rudy and her friend set up their own table with a tablecloth and flowers at the front door, and chatted with the diners who entered the restaurant. Amy deeply believes that, “Ambassadors are really important to the fundraising success of the DOFL event.” She says that ambassadors at the restaurants help to ensure that word of the event is able  to spread amongst the diners in attendance, and also ensure that ASA’s communication materials  don’t get hidden at the hostess stand or left on a table and ignored. “Without an ambassador, DOFL would not have had the same emphasis at the restaurant.”

el alma soup

Soup from the participating restaurant El Alma.

Events like DOFL move Amy because her brother Donald passed away from AIDS many years ago. Her personal loss has ignited her to get more involved in spreading awareness; she has even kindled that same passion in her daughter, Ellie.

When asked why AIDS awareness is still relevant today, Amy explained that, “Awareness these days is mainly about the young people in my life, like my 18 year old daughter and her friends. Young people like them are not receiving all the information they need, and/or are not receiving it from credible sources. I don’t want all the progress that has been made to cause kids not to realize the danger of the disease. Everyone should be protected, responsible, and aware, because there’s still no cure.” 


If you would like to be involved in this meaningful and easy task, please consider contacting ASA Volunteer Manager Megan Satterfield (at or call 512-406-6417) to learn how you can be an Ambassador for this year’s DOFL on Tuesday, April 25th too!

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