Elaine found out she was HIV-positive a month after her husband was diagnosed with AIDS.  Through her tears, anger, and fear, she threw herself into taking care of her husband and their six children.  After he passed away a year later, Elaine was ever more focused on their kids; making sure they had food on the table and a roof over their heads took priority over her health.  Like many living with the diagnosis and having to care for others rather than themselves, Elaine fell sick, unable to care for her children, and felt isolated from the world.

Through ASA’s Women Rising Project, Elaine was taught how to start a path to empowerment and better health. She credits the Women Rising Project for giving her the tools and support she needed to take charge of her health and continue to care for her children.

Even more importantly, she proudly states that ASA has enabled her to blossom as a person.   “ The Women Rising has helped me come out of isolation.  It helps me get out of the corner.”  Elaine now says she “feels like [she] can do anything,” and she is paying forward her new self-confidence. “I lend a voice to the cause of HIV and AIDS by being open about my status. The Women Rising Project and ASA help women living with HIV feel like we are not alone.”