This Thanksgiving I am thankful for ASA by Mokshika Sharma, Full Fridge, Inc.


Everyone deserves access to nutritious food, just as everyone deserves access to health resources. Our mission at Full Fridge is to help with both, and this is how.

Do good, and the rest will follow

Our relationship with ASA started around 2 years ago. [ASA] invited one of my partners and I to help out with the Dining out for Life website. Prior to  us to helping out, we had no knowledge of this organization and all the good that it did for the community. Collaborating and helping with “Dining out of Life” for the past two years has given us a glimpse into an organization that at its core has the same values our entire team has. We both believe in access to the basics. On the surface, ASA provides a support system and tools for people affected by HIV and AIDS. However, these past few years we have learned that they provide so much more for the greater Austin area. They provide sex education, mental health support, and nutrition programs. This Thanksgiving we want to support ASA because they have supported Austin for years. We truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to a better health, and we hope that our partnership with ASA this week will help us get one step closer to that goal.

Dining in for life

This year, Full Fridge is partnering with ASA to offer “Dining in for life”. The company will donate 10% from all the sales from November 20th through November 27th, to ASA. So, this year, my team and I are thankful for ASA and this opportunity to collaborate. Visit for more details.

More about Full Fridge and its Mission

The “American Dream”

My team and I all come from different parts of the world: India, Venezuela, Russia, Austria. All our cultures experienced (or continue to experience) times where access to food and health care is not easy. Coming to America meant something different for all of us, but we all knew that if there was a place where we could make a difference and prove our talents it was here. And while our talents range from engineering to hospitality, all of us share a passion that again, is embedded in our cultures and families: food.

Access to real food

“Food is medicine,” a statement that while true, it is not the reality for 70% of the world population. If we just look at home, at the current pace, 50% of all adults in America will be obese by 2030, according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. What can be done about this statistic? The main factor for many families boils down to the growing hecticness of life which borrows more and more time away from things that require our attention. “I’m tired from a long day and I don’t have time to grocery shop, cook, and clean. I just want food that is quick, cheap without any hassle.” Another statement that is becoming more and more common in America. For most, the solutions involve either spending too much money to eat proper food, which is not an option everybody has, or resorting to fast food and frozen T.V. dinners. We started Full Fridge 5 months ago as a way of answering the question “can we bring delicious, convenient, affordable, and nutritious food to everyone?”. The answer so far “yes”.