Freddie poster finalAIDS Services of Austin’s Freddie for a Day is happening Friday, September 4, less than a month out! It is crazy that all of the time put toward this event during my summer internship is finally coming to a close. A lot of planning goes into an event and as a fresh college graduate with no planning experience, I had to learn fast. There are many parts to think about which can become overwhelming, but it helps to remember why you are putting on the event and the eventual goal. As my internship with AIDS Services of Austin comes to a close, my hope is that my contribution to Freddie for a Day helps make the event as large and impactful as we have anticipated!

HIV and AIDS are such prominent health concerns across the world as well as in our neighborhood here in Austin. Many know of the effects of HIV and AIDS but do not realize how it is treatable AND preventable. That’s our goal for this event – to raise money to get the word out! The proceeds from the event will benefit Mercury Phoenix Trust, an organization that fights AIDS worldwide. We ask for a donation of $10 for the event but every dollar will help not only Austinites, but worldwide.

In preparation for the event, I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Jensen, owner of the venue where the event will be hosted—The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.—and Adam Sultan member of the Queen cover band Magnifico, which will be playing for the event. Mark spoke of his experience with HIV and AIDS while living in New York City and now, how it affects the people in Austin. “I got to see firsthand how terrible the condition can be, and what it did to their bodies. I lost co-workers, neighbors, friends, people I miss. But I also know people who have had HIV for a long time who are still here and still awesome. We live in a town [Austin] where people are so health-focused and so ‘good-time’-focused … and that’s a great thing. We’re very lucky. But we all need to be reminded that we’re not invincible, and we all need to join together and know that there are folks just like us all that need our help and support.”

And that’s just what we want to do with Freddie for a Day—come together as a family of Austinites to have a good time while supporting one another in fighting for this great cause. We will have Magnifico rocking out, a Freddie lookalike contest, free mustaches, giveaway prizes, and more fun than you can dream up!

DSC03916Come on out with all of your friends because anyone and everyone will enjoy a night like this! Don’t even know who Queen is? That’s fine, from Adam’s mouth to your ears: “Zach has quite a flair for entertaining all walks of life, and Queen has a wide variety of great music, both classic and modern, that appeals to a lot of people.” If you love hot, delicious pizza, cold beer, live music and entertainment, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to make a difference in thousands of lives, then there is no reason to miss this event!”

Magnifico has a passion for playing Queen songs that won’t go unnoticed. Right from the start, the band members knew playing Queen was what they wanted to do: “The first time we ever rehearsed, we had about 3 songs under our belt. We had no idea how we’d sound together, but everyone got super prepared. The moment we launched into a tune, we all just looked at each other like, ‘Oh, yeah!’ It’s just great fun to hear the music come alive, especially the power of it, with all the harmonies.” Even Mark attested to this when he spoke of the event last year. “I loved the moments of everyone in harmony. There’s nothing like a crowd of all different folks singing in one voice at top volume! ‘Oh mamma mia mamma mia…’”

I hope you will come out and join us at Freddie for a Day, September 4, at 9 PM at the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company!

Mackenzie is one of ASA’s summer interns, and she is finishing her internship this week. We wish her all the best in his future endeavors, and thank her for her help over the summer with this project and many others.