Here at KTB-ASA, we are dedicated to bringing all the Amplify news fit to watch! Our Amplify coverage will be starting soon, so keep an eye out for the latest action. And in the meantime, meet the news team!



Caitlin Bayer, Anchor, won’t just bring you the news, she’ll break it! A woman of impeccable taste and international intrigue, she was once voted Time Magazine’s #1 person to fall down a flight of stairs, beating out Jennifer Lawrence for the top spot. Caitlin attended the Scott-Scott School for Uncoordinated Women where she wrote her thesis on the intersection of Gravity and Elegance. Although she is still recovering from a nasty sprained ankle sustained while commentating on Campion Elementary’s 2012 Book Fair, her devotion to the news comes first. Caitlin owns four turtles: Artemis, Thor, Poseidon, and Taco.


Matthew Morefield, Anchor and former hair model and stylist, spent ten years facilitating therapeutic art projects in third-world countries while simultaneously shooting VH1 documentaries for charity. When he’s not at a photo shoot or behind the news desk, Matt enjoys rescuing kittens (both from trees and storm drains) and shopping at local, organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, fluoride-free, anti-chemtrail, co-op farmer’s markets. Matt is also listed in the Guinness book of world records for the Most Selfies Taken While Simultaneously Juggling (it was 42).


Melissa Carnagey, Features, has always been an energetic go-getter. In her youth, she was high school valedictorian and head cheerleader. In just four short years at Yale, she earned four undergraduate degrees with honors (Civil Engineering, Radio Film and Television, Broadcast Journalism, and Astrology) while also being elected homecoming queen. In her spare time, Melissa wrote, edited, starred in, produced her own award-winning local TV show. She plans to start her own 24-hour cable channel, book club, and philanthropic organization by 2016.


Benjamin Walker, Nobel Peace Prize winner, earned his BS in Meteorology from Harvard, followed by an MS in Meteorology from Cornell, and then a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Texas at Austin, followed up by a Meteorology post-doc at Austin Community College. When he finally left the academic world, Ben spent four years studying fortune-telling and became a professional protestor, attending over 620 political rallies annually across the United States. As a renowned motivational speaker, Ben regularly motivates others, and is publishing a new motivational book series on self-motivation.

Picture missing Wyatt Oden, Sports, is sad that he was left out of the group photo shoot.