Empress XX, Anastasia Fabre Davis of the United Court of Austin

Empress XX, Anastasia Fabre Davis of the United Court of Austin

This Saturday (April 12), the United Court of Austin is hosting it’s Leather and Lace Ball at Bout Time 2 at 8 PM. The event will benefit the Helping Hands Food Bank, and the goal is to generate 2014 pounds of food (or 3,222 meals!). That means they have raise over $400 to meet their goal.

We sat down to talk to the Heir Apparent to the Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Empress 6 & 18, Dee Dee Davis and find out more about this great organization and their fundraiser.

Q: Tell us about the United Court of Austin
We are a group of individuals who are committed to raising funds for for other non-profit organizations around the Austin area. We all do it for different reasons but mostly we just want to give back to our community.  The Court system allows us to use our talents to raise those funds. Our Mission Statement: The United Court of Austin, Inc., representing the International Court System in Austin, TX, is an independent, registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of life in and around the Austin area and is committed to providing financial and physical support to other charitable organizations. The United Court of Austin, Inc. believes in educating and empowering its members and the community by promoting and advocating AIDS awareness and diversity through non-discrimination. The United Court of Austin, Inc. welcomes members and provides support regardless of race, creed, color, gender and/or sexual orientation.

Q: How many events do you host a year?
A: This has been a challenge this year. Typically we have a fundraiser a couple times of month. But in the past two years we have found it harder to find venues that are willing to give us the free space during optimal hours when crowds are there. As a result our fundraising has suffered. We continue to look for new venues for our fundraising efforts. The fundraisers themselves are varied. Many times we produce full scale drag shows but we do everything from cookouts, bake sales and silent auctions and raffles. We’ll do anything for a buck!

Q: How did you decide to do a fundraiser for ASA’s food bank?
A: The International Court System under the leadership of our Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, has asked all Courts to help local food banks to Help Feed our Hungry. We chose the ASA Helping Hands Food Bank because we thought what a perfect fit between our mission and the campaign! Of course we all have friends who have benefited from services provided by ASA and we are excited to be able to assist your organization any way we can. 

Leather-and-Lace-Doc1Q: Why is giving back so important to the United Court?
A: Everyone involved in our group has their own reasons for what they do. Many have friends who have used services over the years. Some may be clients of the benefactors. Others just realize how blessed they have been and want to give back. No matter what their personal reason is for doing this, we appreciate each and every one of them for the donation of their time and talents.

Q: How can people become involved?
A: We would love to get more people involved in our group. It’s like a family and everyone has a great time at our events. My suggestion would be to come to an event and speak to some of the current members. If a person is already convinced that they would like to help us by becoming a member, there is a membership form and details on our website at http://www.unitedcourtofaustin.org/.

Q: What can people expect on Saturday?
A: To be quite honest I have no idea! Our shows/fundraisers always surprise me. Of course the theme is Leather and Lace… so costumes/outfits in this theme are highly encouraged! This event is unique in that there are several groups helping us and each one will be contributing in their own way. Silent Auction items are still needed and if anyone would like to contribute to the silent auction table you can bring them to the event that night! No item will be turned down. And I can tell you that with this theme there are some interesting items already contributed. I just encourage everyone to come and and join in the fun. I guarantee you’ll have a good time and hopefully we’ll raise a little money along the way!