One of the greatest things about ASA is that we never turn away someone looking for help, positive or not. Our services are not just focused on people living with HIV, but are for everyone affected by HIV in their lives.

We recently had a man call us after receiving some scary news from a blood bank. Here’s the story from La’Toya Swan, our Prevention Program Coordinator:

I received a transfer call from Terri yesterday,  from a gentleman who stated he was told at a blood bank after donating blood he may be HIV positive because his test results were false positive. The gentleman stated he did not receive any counseling or follow up after being told this news, and he knew deep down this could not be true. He went on to say he found our phone number on Google and called. His first point of contact was our very own awesome Terri Lindgren.

He said, “Terri was the most amazing person I spoke to in my time of crisis.” He also stated that during his state of panic, “Terri was the gentle voice I needed to help calm me down.” Terri then transferred the call to me, and I was able to provide more comfort, general information about false positive results, and a testing referral to the Q. The gentlemen went to the  Q where he met with the outstanding Chris Spence who he stated was, “lively and took good care of me and provided an excellent testing experience.” Because of his positive experience he stated “he would love to give back by volunteering at our agency.”

I wanted to give a shout out to Terri and Chris for doing this great work!

Thank you so much to La’Toya, Terri, and Chris for all the amazing work you do every day!