You are cordially invited to join us for an early afternoon promotional event benefiting ASA and the upcoming AIDS Walk 2015 at Gourmands Pub on October 17th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Gourmands Pub is a family-owned, friendly neighborhood establishment located on the East side at 2316 Webberville Road. Gourmands strives to be unpretentious by offering a reasonably priced food menu with sandwiches, soups, and other appetizers and snacks.  You can find their complete menu at

Gourmands wants to support non-profit organizations that are helping in their community.  The family co-owners recently prioritized a few organizations and AIDS Services of Austin is at the top of their list, because AIDS and HIV has impacted several family friends.  Tiffany Russell is one of the four family co-owners of Gourmands. She explains, “This will be our first experience staging a non-profit event.  We are excited by the opportunity, and hope it will be a great success for ASA.” 

At this event, Gourmands plans to highlight the upcoming AIDS Walk in November.  An information table will be present and staffed with ASA staff and volunteers. The AIDS Walk is a priority for Tiffany, who is really excited about it. “I hope people will come out to sign up to walk, and also donate to the Walk”.

Tiffany’s idea for this fundraiser was initiated after her recent experience attending ASA’s Women’s Giving Circle Luncheon in May 2015.  Tiffany was impressed by the speakers at the event, “because their stories were all very personal and moving.”   She further recalls, “I was especially pleased to hear another guests at my own table explain how far a single gift donation made to ASA goes toward providing support in our community.”

Tiffany was first introduced to ASA through the efforts of her personal friend and ASA Development Committee member Annie Frierson.   Annie shared her own praise for Gourmands support of ASA saying, “they are modeling the ideal behavior of community engagement that is needed from our business community.”

Donations at this event will be generated in part through a donation made by Lone Star Beer.  Lone Star is providing both their namesake draft beer, as well as an alcoholic root beer, known as Not Your Father’s Root Beer.   You can visit the Facebook event page for more information.

Reservations at Gourmands are accepted (and encouraged) for groups of 8 or more; otherwise, you can easily find a spot at the bar or a separate table on your own.