Men who have sex with men and heterosexual women are the largest groups affected by HIV and AIDS. Healthy Relationships is a skills-building group program for men and women living with HIV and AIDS. Over the course of five sessions, clients will develop skills, positive expectations, and confidence in keeping themselves and others safe. The Hummingbird Circle is for HIV-positive women, and HRPM is for men who have sex with men.

What to Expect

You first meet one-on-one with a staff member, and then you will join one of two groups with 6-10 participants, and work in highly interactive sessions that are overseen by trained facilitators. Through the five sessions, you’ll learn coping skills designed to reduce stress in three areas of life:

  1. Talking about your HIV status to family and friends
  2. Revealing your HIV status to sex partners
  3. Building skills and practicing safer sexual behaviors

In each session, you’ll participate in role-playing, group discussions, and fun activities to learn decision-making and problem-solving skills. You will also learn how to build a healthy relationship while protecting yourself and your partners.

Upon completion of the five-session program, participants receive a gift card which acknowledges their investment and commitment to healthy living.  Transportation assistance in the form of bus passes or gas cards is also available. 

To get more information and to sign up for the next session, please call 512-458-2437, or email us at