Life with HIV can get complicated sometimes. There’s worry about rejection. It can be hard to feel understood by family, friends, and the world in general, and you can feel lonely. You get tired of hearing about safer sex every time HIV is mentioned. Depression and anxiety can come around from time to time, or maybe set up house and stay. Alcohol and drug use can turn from a fun way to relieve stress to something that starts to cause stress. Then there are the meds and the side effects.

It can all feel like a lot to handle, but you know deep down you can handle it. More than handling it, you can live a satisfying and meaningful life. You can care for all of your health needs—emotional, sexual, and physical. You can connect with others, get the understanding you need, and take your place in the world.

What to Expect

If you are living with HIV and would like to set daily routines to stay healthy, then you might be interested in the CLEAR Program. By working one-on-one with a CLEAR Counselor, you will practice skills to face the challenges of daily living. Each week, you will set a small goal to work on between sessions, and each week you and your counselor will talk about how you did on your goal. You will learn ways to know your feelings and thoughts better, and how they connect to your actions. You will practice ways to speak up for yourself and to listen well to others. You will learn skills to motivate yourself. Finally, you will have the option for extra sessions with your counselor where you use these skills for healthy living around any of these areas that apply to you: sex; substance use; adherence to medical care and medications; stigma; or health care/self-care.

For more information, please call 512-458-2437 or email

Blog Series

CLEAR coordinator Darren is conducting a monthly blog series to help people use the tools of the CLEAR program. You can read the posts on our blog:

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