P.L.U.S. (Positive Living through Understanding and Support Medical Case Management) is designed to support and help you if you are having trouble maintaining your health. Our dual Nurse/Counselor case management team can help you if you are having trouble with your medication, find it hard to speak with your doctor or make your doctor appointments or find yourself overwhelmed by the steps needed to remain healthy and happy while living with HIV or AIDS.


Once you complete our Eligibility and Intake process, you will meet with our two PLUS case managers. Together, you and your case managers will agree on what you want to work on and ways you can improve your health. They may meet you at a doctor appointment, or in the ASA office. Our nurse will teach you helpful ways to manage your health, and our counselor will help you to identify and overcome problems making it harder to take care of yourself. This case management program requires paperwork updates every few months.


For information about the P.L.U.S. program, please contact your Eligibility and Intake Specialist, or call the ASA office at (512) 458-2437, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm