DFL_Photo_1Becoming an advocate doesn’t always involve a picket sign and rallying along the Capitol (even though we love that too). Sometimes, standing up can be as simple as sitting down to a tasty meal! Join us for Dining for Life on September 15 and 16.

Besides holding the crowning title of “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is quickly becoming prime foodie territory. With food trucks dotting every other corner, restaurant start-ups rising, and a list of pubs almost too long to crawl, it’s easy to see how our city is becoming a destination for adventurous taste buds. However, those seeking out good food may find themselves doing an unexpected good deed in the upcoming weeks.

In the fight against HIV, we can use plenty of help. Despite less media attention than when the virus first appeared on the nation’s radar, HIV is still a major problem. Since 2006, we have seen a 40% increase in positive diagnoses in Austin!

While advances in medicine have increased life quality for those infected, the effects of HIV do not stop with a positive test result;. Limited affordable healthcare access poses a huge financial burden on HIV-positive people who may already struggle with poverty.

DFL_newsletterThat is why we do what we do here at ASA. We aren’t just about helping a few, but helping the community. By having programs and resources such as Helping Hands Food Bank, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and medical case management we are able to help individuals and families become healthier, happier, and more informed citizens. The best way to win this fight is with support, information, and helping hands!

And the best way to help the city is to get the city involved.

For the past 22 years, local eateries and bars around town have generously participated in Dining for Life; a two-night, city-wide fundraising event where restaurants donate a percentage of their proceeds to ASA. What better way to help us empower countless people to lead the life they deserve than happily enjoying a meal or two with friends?

To find out if your favorite restaurant or bar is participating in this year’s Dining for Life, or if you are a restaurant representative that would like to participate, please visit diningforlife.org for more information!