When you are living with HIV, regular dental check-ups can save your life. Early signs of disease often present themselves in the mouth making oral health critical, yet HIV stigma prevents many patients from seeking dental care. Finding a dentist who understands HIV can be difficult and the cost of quality care is out of reach for many. As the only dental clinic dedicated to serving people living with HIV in Central Texas, ASA’s Jack Sansing Dental Clinic changes lives every day.

Many patients face a choice of living with chronic pain or losing their teeth and giving up their smile. A healthy mouth builds a healthy life! Meet TaShana:
TaShana came to ASA to help her manage her HIV. She was able to get her health stabilized, but a new issue presented itself. The effects of life saving HIV medications had taken a toll on her teeth and gums. Her teeth had become painful and loose. It was a difficult period,

“It was painful to eat. I smiled less…Your smile tells a story.”  

That’s when ASA’s Jack Sansing Dental Clinic stepped in.

TaShana beams when recalling her experience, “Doctor Novak said ‘You are a beautiful person, you have to have a beautiful smile. I will not stop until your mouth looks like it’s supposed to look’ He made me feel good.”

Now, TaShana’s smile tells a story of confidence and health. As a driver for Goodwill her smile makes people feel welcome. Recently married, TaShana is building a life for herself and her family. Her smile reflects her strength, and her bright and healthy future.