DSC_0073   Two weeks ago, we were lucky to have a group of Americorps volunteers from Keep Austin Housed on site to help with making condom packets. Our new Volunteer Manager, Megan Satterfield, went to extra lengths to make sure they felt welcome (and had lots of sandwiches and snacks to tide them over).

DSC_0083“We were looking for projects that could accommodate a group as big as us,” Lori Warren, group supervisor, explains. Several of the volunteers in the group had worked with ASA before, and as Megan was a long-time acquaintance, Lori reached out to see if ASA would have room for the group. As luck would have, ASA recently lost a regular volunteer group, so Megan was able to put the group straight to work making condom packs.

All fifteen members of the group work with low-income people through Keep Austin Housed, the Americorps branch of FrontSteps. “They recognize the importance of this kind of service and how important it is to volunteer,” Lori says. “They have to do a service project [as part of the Americorps program], so they chose to do this.”

DSC_0114As the volunteers worked to stuff flyers, condoms, lube, and contact information into small Ziploc bags, they listened to music and joked around with each other. “It’s great that they are able to have to so much fun at the same time as they are giving back,” Lori says. “ASA has been super hospitable. It’s great to create these community partnerships through volunteering.

“It’s important that we foster a sense of volunteerism in our members, and we’re glad that we could work with you to do that.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at ASA, please fill out our form online or contact Megan Satterfield at megan.satterfield@asaustin.org.