The ASA Wheeler Dealers at the Hill Country Ride in 2014

The ASA Wheeler Dealers at the Hill Country Ride in 2014

“I learned many of my case management clients had passed away recently, and I wanted to do something.” Aubrey Staples, Case Management Program Manager, has been with ASA for nine years, but 2014 was her first time riding in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS (HCRA). “The ride was also an activity I could do together with my husband [Robert Braglia] who was so excited he purchased a bike just for the occasion!”

Aubrey also found a new way to connect with her father, Tony Staples, who regularly rides the MS150 with her brother in Houston. Since Tony was already training, he jumped at the opportunity to join his daughter on a new ride.

“It was awesome!” Aubrey said. “I didn’t expect both of them to do it.” With her husband and father by her side, she thought she would try for the 13 mile route for her first year, but her family knew she could do more. “My father convinced me, and I ended up doing 54 miles with him. Robert did the 100 mile route, and at one point, he just raced past us!”

Aubrey and TonyRobert helped her train, using a high hill by their new home so Aubrey could practice switching gears in motion. The new house also helped them meet their fundraising goals. “We weren’t sure about doing a house warming,” Aubrey explained, “so instead we had a Pedal Party to fundraise.” Aubrey and Robert hosted a make-your-own pizza bar and passed iPads among the crowd so guests could donate directly to the campaign online. “We got a lot more support than we thought we would and met both our fundraising goals!”

The day of the Ride, Aubrey found the whole event inspiring, with a very loving and positive atmosphere. “It was a good ride with a good vibe,” Tony said. “I also really enjoyed meeting the people that Aubrey works with and works for.”

Robert echoed his thoughts. “I had never ridden 100 miles before the ride, but thanks to the support and encouragement of many riders along the way, not only did I learn more about what a great cause this is, I learned more about myself in the process and completed all 100 miles! I’m looking forward to meeting more great people and tackling another Century this year!”

Since Aubrey is expecting her first child this summer, she won’t be able to ride, but she hopes to participate again someday with not only her husband and father, but their newest family member at her side.