IMG_3141There’s never a dull moment here at AIDS Services of Austin. Whether it’s the excitement in the Helping Hands Food Bank (actually, a record setting day!), planning our next big event, or going out into the community with our testing van, there’s always something going on.

But today we had a very cute and interesting incident – one of the feline variety!

This afternoon, while the Food Bank was buzzing with orders and the office was hard at work, many of us heard lots of very loud meowing.

Some people thought a co-worker had brought their kitten in for the day, I personally thought a stray was exploring the parking lot, but one thing was clear – there was a cat in our midst, and she was going to be heard.

IMG_3133Finally, after the meows got louder, quite a few employees decided to investigate what all the fuss was about. We discovered an adorable Siamese cat outside of the building who was desperate for attention. After realizing there were people to help her, she even managed to find her way into the office!

We finally got her back outside and calmed down with food and water. But unlike the numerous other strays that call ASA’s campus home, it was clear she was young and in need of a caring hand. One of our staff members, Bart, decided to take the cat and give her a loving home.

“I always wanted a Siamese,” he explained. “I grew up with them; my grandmother had a Siamese, and my very first cat as a child was a Siamese. So as soon as I saw her, I thought of my roommate who had recently lost a pet. I texted him, and he loved the idea. I think it was very serendipitous.”

While the now famous feline frenzy took us away from our jobs for a few minutes, it drove home why we are all here at ASA. Our natural instinct is to help everyone and anyone, no matter what the situation may be. And that includes our feline friends as well.