This is the sixth and final in our series: Two Stories of Austin. Read our previous installments: Dining for Life 1; Leaf for Life 1; AIDS Walk 1; Dining for Life 2, AIDS Walk 2.

As the capitol of Texas, Austin is well-known for being liberal, open-minded, and progressive. We pride ourselves on being LGBTQ-friendly, attracting creative folks to live here, and our tens of thousands of college-students who come from across the country.

However, we are still living in the dark when it comes to HIV. 51% of young gay/bisexual men with HIV are unaware of their infection! And 53% of young adults have never been tested because they believe they aren’t at risk.

These staggering facts really bring home why programs like Leaf for Life are so important. By buying a raffle ticket to win a brand-new, progressive, no-emission vehicle, you can help us educate and test thousands of Central Texans.