Every year, the holiday season means spending time with family, eating rich meals, and best of all, presents. If you’re like me, you enjoy giving presents as much as getting them, and the weeks leading up to the end of the year are filled with shopping.

Well, now ASA has made it easy for you to give while you’re shopping in person or online!

Typicons_e0d2(2)_128Randalls Good Neighbor

All those amazing holiday meals have to come from someplace, so why not donate every time you pick up groceries? When you shop with your Randalls Remarkable Card, every $50 you spend gets you $1 that can then be given to the charity of your choice. Since the average American family of four ends up spending around $770 a month on groceries, you could end up donating over $180 annually without any extra effort. (And personally, when my family gets together for the holidays, we eat a lot of food!)

octicons_f0c4(5)_128Kanaka Facebook Amazon Smile captureAmazon Smile

Amazon is pretty much my go to for holiday shopping (or any shopping really). Did you know that most people spend nearly $1,000 annually on Amazon.com? With the Amazon Smile program, all you have to do is select your favorite charity and change your bookmark to redirect to smile.amazon.com. Then, every time you log on, shop, and check out, %0.5 of your purchase gets automatically donated to ASA. Plus, Amazon has now added the ability to share your giving with your friends. Once you’ve checked out, just click one more button to post the Amazon Smile link on facebook!

octicons_f042(6)_128eBay GivingWorks

If you’re the bargain-hunting type and enjoy the thrill of the bid, eBay’s GivingWorks might be the perfect way for you to give. Just look for items marked as benefiting AIDS Services of Austin, and a percent of the winning bid will be donated. If you’re more of a seller than a buyer (and maybe you’re getting a head start on spring cleaning), you can designate ASA as your charity and choose how much of the proceeds from the sale will be donated.

No matter how you shop this holiday season, you can give back!