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The ASA Moody Medical Clinic is Now Open!

The Moody Foundation Invests

in an HIV Free Generation

ASA's Moody Medical Clinic would not exist without the investment and generous support of Ross Moody and the Moody Foundation. The Moody Foundation has long been a supporter of ASA and the Austin Community, having previously supported ASA's Jack Sansing Dental Clinic.
The Moody Foundation generously returned as a partner to ASA, with the goal of expanding access to primary care, HIV specialty care, and PrEP services for Central Texans affected by HIV.
Their commitment to ASA's mission, and shared vision for building healthier futures for our patients and the Austin community helped complete ASA's evolution into a comprehensive, patient-centered medical home that provides patients with support that goes beyond medical care to address any and all barriers to health.
ASA is humbled by the generosity of Ross Moody and the Moody Foundation. Thank you for making the ASA Moody Medical Clinic a reality.

A Special Thank you to Terry Eaton and

Robert Williams of Eaton Fine Art

When you walk through the doors of the ASA Moody Medical Clinic you find yourself greeted by beautiful, vibrant art that creates a warm and welcoming space for our patients to receive care.

That special atmosphere is the direct result of the generosity of Eaton Fine Art owners Terry Eaton and Robert Williams. Terry and Robert worked closely with ASA staff to design the custom wall art (designed by Jordan Hourie) seen in the lobby and foyer, as well as curate each of the individuals pieces on display in exam rooms and through out the halls of the clinic, all of which they generously donated.

"Our goal is to provide life affirming-care to everyone we serve. Having a space that is warm and inviting is critical to helping our patients feel they are receiving quality care from people who embrace them. Terry and Robert have played a huge role in setting that tone for us with their incredible gift of art." said Paul Scott, CEO AIDS Services of Austin.
Terry and Robert previously designed and donated art for ASA's Jack Sansing Dental Clinic, and ASA Main Office in addition to supporting ASA as Star Partners. ASA extends its deepest gratitude and appreciation to Terry and Robert for all they do to support our programs, services, and clients. THANK YOU BOTH!

In Appreciation of the Additional Support Provided to the ASA Moody Medical Clinic ASA Would Like to Thank

Desiree Asher
Lawrence L. Aldridge
William R. Dickson
Terry Eaton & Robert Williams
Matt Smith & Jason Berkowitz
Joah Spearman
Ross Moody
Kirk Rice

James Arth - Hedi Burns - Morgan Cox - Brendan Day - Josh Finto & Brad Smith - Terrance Hines & Jarrett Urban - Curtis Hitt - Daniel Huffine - Christopher Long & David Smith - Tom Mays & Orlando Zayas - Ann McGinley - Andy Miller & Brian Stephens - Wade Minche - Forrest Preece & Linda Ball - Ernest J. Reyes - Paul E. Scott & Scott Simons - William Van Pelt - Andy Wisner

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