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ASA's New Strategic Vision.

As a key supporter of ASA we want to inform you about a conversation that would strengthen our ability to serve Central Texans impacted by HIV. A partnership opportunity has emerged that would expand ASA's life-affirming care model to more fully meet the needs of our clients and expand access to over 1,000 additional patients in three years. That potential partner is Vivent Health.

We have done extensive due diligence in exploring this partnership and believe Vivent Health can be a catalyst in expanding the integrated care model you have helped us build over the last 32 years. We view any potential partnership through the lens of what is in the best interest of our clients. Since opening the ASA Moody Medical Clinic in 2018 and implementing life-affirming care, we have been exploring opportunities to expand our valuable and proven model of care. We identified key goals that would move our work forward while maintaining the legacy of ASA until the end of the fight against HIV:

  • As a participating organization with Austin Fast Track Cities, ASA will meet or exceed: 90% of HIV+ people knowing their status, 90% engaged in continuous care, 90% virally suppressed, 50% reduction in transmissions.
  • Expand integrated services through strategic partnerships to deliver quality and accessible care to our clients and community.
  • Take control of our financial destiny by increasing non-public resources.
  • Be recognized as a leader in workplace culture to attract and retain the best staff to deliver services.

We have explored various partnerships, but the right opportunity never came together until Vivent Health, a nonprofit (501c3) organization and the only Certified HIV Medical Home in the country. In May of last year, we engaged in a deeper conversation with Vivent Health about the unique alignment between our agencies' integrated health models. We are on a parallel track with services, programs, health outcomes, and the level of care provided. Every step of the way, we have kept the health of our clients, the culture of ASA, and what we have built together in focus.

ASA and Vivent have a deep history. The Texas Department of State Health Services contracted Mike Gifford, CEO of Vivent Health, to help ASA assess the viability of clinical expansion. This allowed us to establish a medical clinic and become the only truly comprehensive care for Central Texans impacted by HIV.

ASA remains a strong, healthy organization, and we could address community needs on our own. Vivent's partnership would mean investments in infrastructure for current services and expedite the expansion of programs and services delivering better health outcomes and working toward eliminating health disparities for the communities most at need. The partnership would expand advocacy efforts to increase funding and support for HIV services and to change policies to meet the needs of clients and patients.

Expanding and increasing access to our integrated health model will engage more patients in life-affirming care, and there are key things that would remain in place:

  • 100% of all donations and community support will stay local - your support would only serve Central Texas.
  • We will continue to operate as a Texas Nonprofit under our current 501c3.
  • Local leadership and all ASA staff will remain in place.
  • Legacy programs such as Women Rising and The Q will continue to be supported.
  • Clients and patients will continue to have access to quality care that addresses multiple social determinants of health, with a focus on viral suppression and optimizing health outcomes.

We are still Austin. We are still Texas. We will continue to build healthy futures for our clients. Our commitment to providing life-affirming, comprehensive, and accessible care to those impacted by HIV will never change.

No decision on the partnership has been made yet, but we felt it was important for you to know about this conversation that could enhance and advance HIV care in Central Texas. We know you will have questions, and we of course want to answer them. We pledge to be available to you, and to keep you updated and informed.

Thank you for your continued generosity, investment, and stewardship of ASA, and most importantly, for your continued support of our clients, patients, and Central Texans impacted by HIV.

Paul Scott, CEO & Noel Landuyt, Board Chair
AIDS Services of Austin

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