• Make an end of year gift to ensure that anyone impacted by HIV gets the care that they need!

    $41.45 was the amount that almost kept a client from accessing care before she found ASA.


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  • Our clients come from all walks of life and face barriers in accessing care that fall outside the scope of most HIV specific grants and public funds.

    Without being able to treat the whole person, but just the virus itself, means that a client’s success can be limited.

  • My name is Terri, the Lead Eligibility & Intake Specialist at AIDS Services of Austin.

    I listen to who our clients are, what their story is, and the services that they are trying to access at ASA.

    Recently, a woman came to us in so much pain from periodontal disease that her gums were swollen and bleeding. As she’s crying from the pain, she explained that she went to the ER, and they wrote her 3 prescriptions. When she told them she could not pay for the prescriptions due to a recent job loss, the ER doctors said, “Sorry, that’s all we can do for you.” She felt defeated. She just couldn’t catch a break when all she wanted was to receive the care she needed. Fortunately, she turned to ASA. We knew we had to help her to alleviate the pain.


    Once we finished her paperwork, I walked her to our food bank to receive fresh and nutritious groceries since she didn’t where her next meal was coming from. I quickly got to work. It was while the client was in the food bank that I reached out to two other ASA staff members. They hit the ground running to see if we could find any discounts, coupons, or any other options to help pay for the woman’s prescriptions. After discounts, the prescriptions came to $41.45. A small amount to many of us, but it was too much for the client to afford.


    I know that every staff member at ASA is here because we understand that our client’s needs come first which is why I didn’t hesitate to interrupt a leadership meeting to see if ASA could pay for the women’s prescriptions from unrestricted funds. Paul, our CEO, was one of those individuals in the meeting. I explained the client’s need and asked if we would help cover her prescriptions. His answer was a quick, “Absolutely, yes we can”.


    When our client arrived at ASA, she did so in pain, feeling beaten down, and hopeless. She left ASA with hope, the cost of her medicine covered, and with an appointment to our dental clinic. Your gift helps fill funding gaps and gives our clients hope.


    As we close out 2019, I am asking you to support ASA with $41.45 or more as an end of year gift to provide the comprehensive care and services our clients need. Whether it’s housing, food insecurities, the cost of prescriptions or other critical HIV care, our clients need your support to focus on their long-term health outcomes. $41.45 should not keep a client from accessing the care that they need.

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