• Healthy Relationships Programs (HRP)

    HRP is an interactive group for people living with HIV that builds support and connection.

      Real Talk ATX

      is a safe space for men who are seeking community, support, & education.

      The Hummingbird Circle

      is a relaxed, supportive, woman-centered space to discover best options for building healthier, safer, fulfilling relationships with others and oneself.


      In our weekly sessions, we will discuss:


      Reducing stress

      Improving communication & decision-making

      Relationships, sex, & stigma

      Health & wellness

      Undetectable = Untransmittable, PrEP, & PEP

      Disclosure to friends, family, & intimate partners.


      Participants can get up to $50 in gift cards, plus transportation support.

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      Interested in participating in either Real Talk ATX or The Hummingbird Circle?

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