• Free Testing

    We provide free and confidential HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Hep C testing to the community.


    Regular Testing hours are at 1023 Springdale Rd. Building 14A, Austin, TX 78721:

    Monday-Wednesday: 9am-5pm

    Thursday: 1pm-8pm

    Friday: 1pm-5pm


    Find our regular testing sessions and other activities on our organizational events calendar here.

    Counseling and Linkage to Care

    Each testing session takes between 15-25 minutes and includes safer sex education and counseling with one of our dedicated staff members. Condoms, lube, and other goodies are given out; please take some! Our mission is to help Austin test so they can know their status and free their mind.


    HIV is not a death sentence. When someone tests positive we are able to immediately link them into care so they can get access to medication as soon as possible and be on their way to undetectable, which means untransmittable!

    Condom Distribution Network

    We have a Condom Distribution Network that provides over 300,000 condoms all over the Austin area! Check the map below to find a distribution site or click it to order free condoms and lube through our online condom store. We will ship them right to your door!

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